7 Best Gaming Monitors under $200

Gaming monitor under $200

Are you looking for a gaming monitor to enjoy action games? Well, you don’t need to have a huge budget to do so. If you read this article carefully till the end, you will be able to find the best gaming monitor under $200. Also, you will be happy with your purchase.

Best Gaming Monitor under $200 Reviews

Here is a list to help you find the best gaming monitor under $200. Let’s hop into it and get you the right product.

1. Acer Full HD Zero Frame Monitor

Acer is such a brand that you don’t have to worry about the quality of its product. Well, the same is the case with this ultra-thin monitor from Acer. If you are a gaming fan, having this monitor will bring in a lot of flexibility and it will also provide you with an unmatched gaming experience. This is because it has a full HD display and it will provide you with ultra-clear image quality. Moreover, it has a big screen size to make things more amazing. Lastly, it is a durable product and this monitor will serve you with quality for a long time. So, if you are looking for a gaming monitor, you can settle for this one without thinking twice.


  • Big screen size
  • Full HD
  • Ultra-thin


  • Complex menu options
  • No color options

2. Sceptre Curved Gaming LED Monitor

This gaming monitor is curved to provide you with a better experience and if you are looking for a good quality gaming monitor, you can definitely go for it. Moreover, it is made of durable material and this monitor will serve you for a long time. Other than this, it has a refresh rate of 144Hz and this also adds to the overall performance of this monitor. The design of the monitor is also amazing and you will fall in love with the quality that you are getting here.


  • Amazing design
  • Top performance
  • looks elegant


  • No color option
  • Build quality could be better

3. AOC C24G1 Frameless Gaming Monitor

This is a curved gaming monitor but what makes it special is the fact that it is frameless. It has a unique design; however, it looks pretty simple. But, when it comes to performance, this gaming monitor has no match out there. Moreover, it has a 24” display and it will give you an amazing gameplay experience. Lastly, if the quality is what matters to you most, this is the best option for you.


  • Good viewing angles
  • Good contrast
  • Durable


  • Top corners are dimmer
  • Looks simple

4. Sceptre 27″ Curved LED Monitor

This monitor has a 27” display and also has 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution. So, when it comes to the quality of the picture, it can compete with any monitor out there. Moreover, it is available at such a price that you don’t have to think about your budget while buying this gaming monitor. Also, the speakers installed on this monitor are of amazing quality and you will love the sound quality of it. What makes this monitor special is the fact that it has a curved display and the viewing angles of it are amazing. You will fall in love with the quality that you are getting on this monitor.


  • Good viewing angles
  • Full HD resolution
  • Elegant design


  • Average refresh rate
  • No variants

5. Pixio PXC243 Esports Gaming Monitor

What makes this gaming monitor more special is the fact that it is bezel-less. It is also curved to bring in more quality to the viewing angles of this monitor. Moreover, it is a full HD monitor and you will have an amazing gaming session on it. If you are a person who likes to play action games, having a monitor with a high-quality resolution is important. But, if you have this monitor at your place, you won’t have to worry about anything as it is designed especially for gaming. Other than this, the monitor is also available in different variants. Lastly, you will get a warranty for two years on this monitor.


  • 2-year warranty
  • Awesome viewing angles
  • Different variants


  • Overall build quality could be better
  • Heavy

6. Acer R240HY Widescreen Monitor

This monitor has a response time of 4ms. It also has a big screen size of 23. 8″ and you will have an amazing gaming experience on it. Moreover, this monitor is available in different variants and you can choose the one that suits you the most. Also, there is not much price difference in the different variants of this monitor. You can also set the brightness and contrast to the maximum to bring in more quality. Lastly, you can buy a combo to save up some more money on this monitor and some accessories. So, if you are looking for the best gaming monitor under $200, you can definitely go for it.


  • Available in different variants
  • High response time
  • Good quality


  • Simple design
  • Slow refresh rate

7. Sceptre 24″ Curved LED Monitor

This curved monitor is black in color and looks elegant. It also has an amazing build quality and it is durable as well. Moreover, this monitor is perfect for gaming as it has high screen resolution and you will have an amazing gameplay experience on it. Other than this, it has a refresh rate of 75 hertz and is also lightweight. You can easily carry it around without going through any trouble. All in all, it is a great gaming monitor and if you are looking for a value for money purchase, you can go for it.


  • Curved
  • lightweight
  • Amazing build quality


  • Refresh rate could have been higher
  • No color variants


Well, if you are looking for the best gaming monitor under $200, here are the best options that are currently available in the market. All of these gaming monitors are worth investing in because they all are good quality products. But, make sure that you have a look at the price of the monitor before settling down as they all are available at different prices.

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