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Ewin Racing chairs: All you need to know

You may have seen Ewin Racing chairs recommended or reviewed – many of them feature on this website – and wonder: Who are Ewin Racing? Are their chairs any good? Which Ewin Racing chair should I get? Or a whole host of other questions.

Read on for the answers to those questions plus a whole lot more.

We’ve also got an exclusive discount code just for readers of TheGameChair.com (okay-okay… you just want that? Here you go: skip to the discount code).

Ewin Racing chair series

Ewin Racing currently produce gaming chairs in five major ranges or ‘series’:

The Knight Series
The Champion Series
The Calling Series
The Hero Series and
The Flash XL Series.

Whichever series you choose to go for, you’ll be getting a great standard package:

  • Adjustable armrests
  • Reclining function (usually to a max of 155° degrees)
  • Rocker function
  • Headrest and lumbar support pillows
  • 5-point wheelbase with casters for a steady base.

Basically, the rest boils down to how far your budget can stretch to include optional extras.

Let’s dig into those categories and answer the obvious question: ‘What’s the difference between all the Ewin Racing gaming chair series?’

Ewin Racing – Knight Series

Key facts

Chairs in series: 5
Models: KT-BW2A; KT-BG2A; KT-BC2A; KT-BR2a; KT-BY2A
Colors: White; Green; Blue; Red; Yellow; Black & Red; Black & White; Black & Blue; Black & Gray; Black & Pink; Black & Yellow.
Pattern options: 5
Price range:
 $229 – $333

Introducing the Ewin Racing ‘Knight Series’.

This range covers the cheapest Ewin Racing chairs usually available for under $230 – up to the range-topping ‘PlayStation’ branded KTE range.

Given that, at the top end, some Ewin Racing chairs can retail at over $500, the Knight Series include some of the more basic (and therefore affordable) chairs for gamers.

With the ‘Knights’ you’re getting a great gaming chair with all the features you’d expect.

Most models can perform well supporting up to 400lbs of gamer, so these are all solid no-nonsense chairs that’d be a great addition to any gamer’s set-up.

So what don’t you get with the Pro Series that you could get if your budget can stretch a little further?

The main differences are in the materials and parts used.

The material covering the Knight chairs is PVC leather (also called vinyl) – not as tough, moisture-resistant or as aesthetically pleasing as the PU or fabric options.

The Knight range seats have 2D armrests, meaning they only move up and down – not in and out and no rotation. For some this won’t be a big deal but if you have unusually long or short arms this could be a comfort deal-breaker.

You’re also getting the basic nylon base structure, rather than the reinforced aluminium of the other models and you get the basic castors (or wheels) on the base too.

They’re good chairs – but this is the equivalent of ‘flying coach’ rather than business or first class. Fine if you’re on a budget but don’t expect all the bells and whistles.

  • Cheapest chairs in the range
  • Wide-range of colors available
  • Great set of standard features
  • 2D not 4D armrests
  • 2 years (not 5 year) warranty
  • No footrest

Check out the Knight Series

Ewin Racing – Calling Series

Key facts

Chairs in series: 16
Colors: White; Blue; Red; Black; Black & Blue; Black & Red; Black & Brown; Black & Gray; Black & Yellow; Black & Green; Black & Pink; Black & Orange
Patterns: 3
Price range: $269 – $377

Price-wise the Calling series is pretty similar to the Knight range. Ewin’s own buyer guide suggests they max out height-wise at 5’9″ – but that’s not our experience. The dimensions of the chairs are broadly similar to most of the others, which will comfortably take a player who’s around 6’1″ so we’re gonna assume that’s a typo on the official site.

The main difference with the Calling series is the covering material – shifting from PVC leather to PU leather or, to get all scientific, from polyvinylchloride to polyurethane.

The PU leather is tougher. It’ll withstand repeated cleaning, won’t be affected so badly by moisture (we’ve all had those ‘Sweaty Wraith’ games in Apex Legends!) and it will retain the original colors in sunlight-fading for longer too.

The Calling range also has a seat base with raised edges too. Again, some gamers won’t even notice the difference. For others the slightly more ‘cosy’ feel around their rear-end and the resistance for ‘wrigglers’ (those of you who really lean in to every power-slide or drift through a fast corner!) is a great addition, especially when you want to kickback in between bouts (or whilst the latest update downloads etc.).

For us one of the biggest differences is the colors. Whilst the Knight range has a good range of colors the ‘red’ chair is mostly black with red highlights.

With the Calling series, if you want a red chair you get a red chair. Look at this beauty:

An Ewin Racing gaming chair in the Calling series, in full red

That sucker is red. And the same applies to the blue or white in the same range.

With lots of game chair manufacturers who are producing these things in bulk, it’s the Henry Ford line: “Any color, as long as it’s black.” – with slight variations around, literally, the edges. So the Calling series is a great way to get actual color into your set-up, without breaking the bank.

  • Tough PU covering
  • Snug-fit seat option
  • Solid color options
  • 2D not 4D armrests
  • 2 years (not 5 year) warranty

Check out the Calling Series

Ewin Racing – Champion Series

Key facts

Chairs in series: 7
Colors: Black; Gray; Pink; Black & White; Black & Blue; Black & Green; Black & Pink; Black & Red; Black & Yellow.
Patterns: 8
Price range: $359 – $469

We’re kicking up a gear now. For $100 more than the basic models in the Knight or Calling series you’d be expecting some decent upgrades.

You won’t be disappointed.

As well as the PU covering from the Calling range, the Champion series has a fabric option too:

The Ewin gaming chair Champion Series in gray fabric

You get 4D (four dimensional) armrests, which means you can move them in all four dimensions: lifting them up and down, shifting them left to right, moving them forwards and backwards on the chair as well as rotating them – meaning you can get the perfect angle of comfort unique to your gaming style, or even to the specific type of game you’re playing (e.g. dropping them out of the way for a shooter; or supporting your elbows for a racer etc.)

You’re also getting an upgrade in the tilt mechanism too. As well as being more solid and robust it’s also easier to use.

Next: the base. The Champion series steps up to a reinforced aluminium alloy base – stronger and longer-lasting than the nylon alternative.

And the wheels on the base get a buff too. Look at them, the ‘hubless’ wheels on the Champion series just look… well… awesome:

Ewin Racing gaming chairs' hubless wheel options - in red, blue and white

When you compare them to the basic models wheels:

Ewin Racing gaming chairs' wheel options - in red, green and blue

…it’s night and day in terms of appearance – in our opinion at least.

Check out this fun review video for the Champion Series:

  • PU and Fabric covering options
  • 4D armrests
  • Aluminium alloy base & hubless wheels
  • Not quite the height range of top models
  • 2 years (not 5 year) warranty

Check out the Champion Series

Ewin Racing – Hero Series

Key facts

Chairs in series: 11
Colors: Black, Blue, White
Patterns: 5
Price range: $409 – $499

We’re edging up the price range now, so what does the Hero range bring to the party?

You’re basically ‘pimping’ the Champion Series.

Some models (though not all, so do double check) have a 180° tilt. If you occasionally cop a nap in your gaming chair (be honest… who hasn’t?) those extra 25° can make all the difference.

The chairs in this range have an extra few inches in height too, meaning bigger taller gamers will find them more comfortable – up to 6’5″ in many cases. If you’re a taller gamer, that head and neck support can make a huge difference.

  • Up to 180° tilt
  • Better for taller gamers
  • Some models downgrade to 2D armrests

Check out the Hero Series

Ewin Racing – Flash XL Series

Key facts

Chairs in series: 14
Colors: Black; Blue; Red; White; Gold; Black & Blue; Black & Red; Black & Pink; Black & Orange.
Patterns: 6
Price range: $469 – $532

At last we arrive at the top of the range.

And it’s a good height to view from as the Flash XL series are ‘extra large’, able to happily accommodate up to 550lbs and 7ft of gamer.

Otherwise you’re getting the ‘best of the rest’ too: PU covering; 4D armrests; snug-fit (or ‘flat pebble’) base options; 155° tilt mechanism; aluminium alloy base; and version 3.0 wheels.

What you’re paying for is the added heft and structure to deal with the big and tall video game players – the biggest and tallest (if you’re over 7ft and 550lbs we’d love to hear from you about what gaming set-up you use!).

  • Best for heavy gamers
  • Can fit up to 7ft players
  • Higher price range than standard models

Check out the Flash XL Series

Ewin Racing chairs – Assembly and Disassembly

Most customers agree that Ewin Racing chairs are pretty easy to assemble.

Of course, that can depend on your own confidence with this sort of DIY task but the Ewin Racing team are pretty helpful with a whole host of instructions and guides available to download (free, of course) on their website.

This official installation guide video pretty much sums up how easy assembly is:

Once assembled doing the same in reverse is fairly straightforward too, should you need to disassemble the chair if you’re moving house or relocating your ‘gaming cave’.

Ewin Racing chairs: Colors

Ewin Racing’s range of chairs come in a whole host of color options.

Not all models are available in all colors though, so if color is important to you (to match the aesthetics of your room or brand) you’ll need to choose carefully.

Broadly, speaking the colors available are:

  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. Green
  4. Grey
  5. Red
  6. Orange
  7. White
  8. Pink
  9. Brown
  10. Gold.

Obviously, within that there are variations too. Some of the ‘blue’ chairs are mostly black, with some elements highlighted in blue.

On different models those feature areas may be smaller or larger so the chair has bigger areas of colors other than black.

With some options, like the pink color-way in the Champion Series, when they say pink, they really mean it:

Ewin Racing Champion series gaming chair in pink bunny colors


And yes… it has a tail. Seriously: check it out.

Some of the color variants tend to switch in and out of stock or availability – basically because they’re less popular, so get made in smaller batches.

If you’re really price sensitive or budget conscious the ‘default’ black and red options are often the cheapest too.

Ewin Racing – Exclusive Discount Code

Thanks to our relationship with Ewin Racing they’ve give us an exclusive discount code, just for readers of TheGameChair.com:

Enter the code: GAMECHAIR

at checkout for a whopping 28% discount.

That makes the cheapest chairs in the range less than $165 and brings the top-of-the-range chairs down from five hundred bucks to a far more affordable $338. Not bad, eh?

Ewin Racing – Buy Direct

You may have seen Ewin Racing chairs for sale in all sorts of places. Lots of ‘big box’ retailers sell their chairs.

Which may make you wonder: can I buy direct from Ewin Racing? And would that make it better or cheaper?

The quick answer is: yes, you can buy direct from Ewin Racing, via their website.

They have dedicated websites for:

so you can see pricing and shipping information in your relevant currency and geography.

Shopping direct with Ewin Racing is often the best option though, as they run a whole series of special promotions, sales and discount offers. And even if you manage to miss all of those, you can sign-up to their newsletter to get a special 10% off voucher code sent to your inbox.

Ewin Racing logo

Ewin Racing have been through a few logo iterations in their time. This is the current one, as featured on their social media accounts:


Why we love Ewin Racing gaming chairs

  • Minimum 2 year warranty – which you can extend to 5 or even 10 years for free simply by sharing about your chair on social media or posting your reviews etc.
  • 14 days return policy
  • Free shipping on all orders across the mainland US
  • They use FedEx so delivery is usually 2-5 business days
  • US-based warehouses (in Ohio & California)
  • Handy installation and set-up guides and videos
  • Lots of offers, sales and discounts available
  • 24/7 support available.

Are Ewin Racing chairs made in the USA? In short: no. Mostly, they’re made in China and shipped in bulk to the US-based distribution centers. If you’re the kind of patriot that only buys US-made stuff you may struggle to find many affordable gaming chairs that are built in the US.

How to extend your Ewin Racing chair warranty from 2-5 years

  1. Take a photo of your new Ewin Racing Chair or Desk (make sure you get a great shot of your set-up!)
  2. Post it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Reddit with the hashtag #EwinChair or #EwinDesk. (make sure you set your post to ‘Public’ so their team can see it).
  3. Copy the post URL and send it, with your order ID, to service@ewinracing.com.

How to extend your Ewin Racing chair warranty from 2-10 years

Want an even longer warranty? Ewin will extend your warranty to ten years, if

  1. Upload a video of your new Ewin Racing Chair or Desk (it needs to be at least 4 minutes long)
  2. Post it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Reddit with the hashtag #EwinChair or #EwinDesk. (make sure you set your post to ‘Public’ so their team can see it).
  3. Copy the post URL and send it, with your order ID, to service@ewinracing.com.

There are terms and conditions relating to the extended warranty offer too, which are (emphasis is ours):

  • The post must be Public.
  • Only chairs/desks bought within one year of the application for warranty extension will qualify.
  • Warranty is extendable only once per chair/desk.
  • You will receive a status update on your application via email within 5 working days.
  • Ewin has absolute discretion to change the parameters of the warranty extension program at any time. Ewin’s decisions on all aspects of this program are final and binding.

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