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What Gaming Chair Does FaZe Use?

Fortnite is a game that can be played with a team or solo. Playing Fortnite as a team comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. When you have someone who has always your back in the game it can work as a morale boost for everyone. On the other hand, if even one player on your team is lacking in some areas, it can affect the performance of the entire team.

With that being said, there are some clans that are a league above the rest in terms of skills. FaZe is one such clan. They are a team full of veteran Fortnite players. Thus, most of their fans around the world recognize them as the best Fortnite clan. And, if you are the best of the best, everyone will want to know all about the accessories and gear you use.

The FaZe clan is no different; fans all around the world want to know which gaming mouse, keyboard or chair FaZe is using. Today, we will answer one of those questions, being: Which chair does the FaZe Team use?

What Gaming Chair Does FaZe Use?

For a long time, FaZe used Maxnomic computer chairs, but now they have shifted towards the DXRacer Racing Series. Now, let’s have a look at the details of the DXRacer, which can be bought from Amazon:

DXRacer Racing Series

The DXRacer Racing Series isn’t the most affordable gaming chair around – yet it’s reasonably valued for some at around $300.

It comes in seven distinctive shading patterns; keeping that in mind, the majority of them are exceptionally vibrant, however, there is an exemplary dark style for those searching for something more muted.

So what separates this model from the competition? We have to point to its all-inclusive backrest. The backrest supports the full length of the owner’s spine, redistributing weight along with its sum. This implies less weight on the most significant piece of your body and less possibility of harming yourself when sitting for extensive stretches of time. That’s not all, though!

It’s also secured with a tear-safe PU leather spread. We realize that sometimes, crap just happens. No one needs to spill some espresso and ruin the fabric of their brand new chair. This spread significantly reduces the harm such an event can cause; plus, if you happened to pick a darker version, there will be no observable imprints or stains!

In all honesty, it gets even better. Comfort is the ruler in this market and you need a seat that fits you flawlessly. This is the reason the Racing Series features 100% adjustable arms that can move in three dimensions: Up, down; left, right; or in, out. Whatever you need in a gaming chair, this probably has it.

Final Verdict

If you’re a fan of the FaZe Clan, we hope your ever-burning guesses have finally been put to rest about which chair they use! In any case, if you purchased to buy a similar chair as them, it can be easily bought from Amazon at an attractive price tag. Happy gaming!

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  1. I had back and neck pain, usually I use my computer for 8+ hours a day (I work at home). This chair is a little pricey but the quality and comfort it provides well worth it.


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