How to Clean Under Your Keyboard

How to Clean Under Your Keyboard

In this modern era of technology, a laptop has become a necessity rather than a luxury item. Nowadays, almost every company requires its employees to work on separate laptops. But using a laptop on a daily basis will end up in the laptop getting dirty and it will need to be cleaned in order to continue working properly.

Though you can clean many other components of the laptop like the display, front or back without any problem, cleaning the keyboard of a laptop or PC is another story, as most of the dust can be found underneath the keys, thus making it an absolute pain to clean them.

Now, you are left with the obvious question of, how exactly do I clean under my keyboard?

We have prepared a list of several easy methods to do this. Let’s begin our list without any further delay:

Easy Ways to Clean Under your Keyboard

Here are a few of the most simple ways to clean under your keyboard:

Shake Things Up

This method is done exactly how it sounds: turn your laptop upside-down then shake your laptop slowly, resulting in the debris falling right from beneath the keys.

Before proceeding with this method, make sure your laptop is shut down, and the charger is removed from the charging port. Otherwise, your laptop may sustain damage during the cleaning process. You can also use a dry brush after this process to clean any residual debris around your keyboard.

Compressed Air

If there is a considerable amount of dust beneath your keyboard, but it seems like it’s not all coming out even after shaking the daylights out of it, you may want to try using compressed air.

Compressed air is one of the best options you have to clean your keyboard. With this method, a high-powered stream of dry air is shot at the keys which will result in the dirt flying out from under the keyboard. Consider wearing a mask to avoid inhaling any chemicals or dust. Also, turn off your laptop before starting this process to avoid any damage to your laptop. The compressed air is in a can, so keep in mind that you should not tilt the can more than 75 degrees in order to avoid any spillage of the propellant.

Removing the Keys

Sometimes the dirt might damage the keys so much that you have to remove them from their place and clean the rubber stubs. Use a flathead screwdriver to loosen up the keys from all four sides, then firmly pop them up and remove them. After this, you can clean the keys with cotton cloth with a touch of rubbing alcohol, or by simply using the compressed air. To avoid any damage to your keyboard, we would advise you to contact a professional for this process. Now, let the keys dry off if you have used a moist cotton cloth and after a while, push them back into place.

So, we hope now you have a better idea of how to clean beneath your keyboard easily. As we said earlier if you are popping the keys out to clean them, make sure you use proper precautions. And, we would always suggest you to contact a professional if you have any hesitation in the methods mentioned above.

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