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What Mouse Does S1mple Use?

A workhorse mouse is one of the best things you can add to your gaming setup if you want to enhance your performance in point-and-click shooters. It is absolutely imperative in games where the aiming mechanics were essentially built for mouse-accuracy.

S1mple is one of the best CS:GO players there has ever been. No CSGO fan hasn’t heard of him. He is the most viewed CS:GO player and has pinpoint aim using his mouse. Let us talk about the mouse he uses and what the manufacturers did differently.

S1mple has been at the top of his game with this mouse, and it’s not that well-known but–he still uses that same mouse to this day. If a professional gamer uses a piece of equipment regularly, that should be enough to show why you should, too. Let’s get into this beast of a mouse:


BenQ is not that famous when it comes to gaming gear, but they’ve been delivering on what any other company just doesn’t. ZOWIE FK1+ is one of the best that BenQ has manufactured.

The mouse’s design is very simple and doesn’t have many bells and whistles, making it sleek and compact. It’s just the right size, with buttons in just the right place, making handling it a breeze.

The buttons themselves are not big nor small, making them easy to access. This is where the mouse stands out.

While playing shooter games, a gamer expects a mouse to be smooth and light enough to maneuver. The mouse is not too heavy, making it convenient for everyone to use. There is no doubt about the accuracy that the mouse possesses because S1mple has been crushing it lately!

Just like any other mouse, it has side buttons, a grippy scroll button, and a switchable DPI setting.

You can also customize its sensitivity and responsiveness to your liking. It has an adjustable report rate of 125-1000Hz, making it easier than ever to customize it to whatever framerate you’re playing at.

Is S1mple’s Mouse Worth Buying?

The mouse is probably the most crucial aspect of a gamer’s toolkit. A quick response with pin-point accuracy is necessary to advance at any game, and this mouse delivers just that, at a reasonable price.

The mouse definitely isn’t “too-much” design-wise, reducing the amount of materials used to make it, and thereby reducing the device’s overall weight.

Don’t go for looks when you want performance. Most gamers that have done well lately haven’t been using fancy, material-heavy equipment. The BenQ Zowie is an excellent mouse that checks all the boxes in helping you become the best gamer you possibly can.

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