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Which Keyboard Does Tfue Use?

Fortnite has been one of the most popular battle royal games in recent years, and the craze for the game is only getting wilder with each passing year. That being said, every popular game has its own roster of professional gamers who sacrifice blood, sweat, and tears to reach the ultimate heights in the rankings.

Tfue is a very well-known Fortnight streamer and is recognized as one of the best players in the world. Some rank him even higher than the likes of Ninja and Shroud, but that isn’t what we’re here to discuss!

When any professional gamer makes a big name in this industry, fans always want to know about their gaming equipment, in order to compare their own equipment and take steps to bolster it to the likes of their favorite streamers. Plus, there are thousands of fans who wonder how that equipment makes Tfue better than the rest. So, today we’ll be looking into which keyboard Tfue uses and how it’s given him the upper hand!

Which Keyboard Does Tfue Use?

The 21-year-old gamer uses the Anne Pro 2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Let’s have a look at the full specs of this keyboard, which you can purchase on Amazon:

Anne Pro 2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This product by Obinslab is a piece of beauty when it comes to gaming keyboards. As the company has been known for making remarkable gaming accessories for quite some time, people always have high hopes for their products. And the Anne Pro 2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is no different from any of their other products, in that it’s quality is top-notch. If your budget is under, say, $150, this is the keyboard for you. Moreover, its Amazon listing is filled with excellent reviews, indicating that many others have tried and are pleased with the Anne 2.

To dive into the specifications a bit, it is a mechanical-style gaming keyboard. As a wireless keyboard, it utilizes a 1900 mAh battery which gives it close to 8 hours of battery life on a single charge. Also, there is a built-in option to switch it on or off while not in use. There is a magic FN key in the keyboard which helps you in using caps lock and the other function keys. Along with that, you can use the double FN key, which gives you quick access to the multimedia key, homepage, custom functions, etc.

In terms of the compatibility of this product, it can be used with any PC or laptop with Windows 8/10, Mac OS, Linux, Android 4.4 and above, and iOS 7.0 and above. Lastly, you can use the arrow keys with the help of the tap key thus saving space on the keyboard, as it has only 61 keys to perform the various functions.

Final Verdict

We hope you’re more familiar with Tfue’s keyboard and why he uses it. Overall, the Anne 2 is a sturdy, easy to use keyboard with excellent key placement and an intuitive design. Now that you’ve done your due diligence, consider picking one up!

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