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Topsky Gaming Chair Review

The gaming chair has gained considerable popularity in recent years.

A modification of standard office chairs, gaming chairs offer better comfort for long periods of sitting.

In this review, the Topsky Gaming Chair will be evaluated for its overall design, durability, comfort, and other features to see if the final product is worth the price.

Topsky Gaming Chair Specs

In addition, the chair can lean back up to 175 degrees which is almost horizontal.

It’s not quite a bed, but you could probably sleep in this chair if you wanted to! The chair features racing design castors for its five wheels, curved armrests, an adjustable headrest and a flat seat.

The current price for the black and blue color scheme is around $130, but you may be able to shop around to find a lower price or find it in a sale, with a voucher code or promo offer.

Even if not, at $130 this chair is towards the lower-end of the cost scale for most decent gaming chairs.

Pros of the Topsky Gaming Chair

Here are some of the pros of the Topsky gaming chair:

Easy Assembly

Although it will take a little effort, this is a relatively easy chair to assemble.

You have all the tools necessary and the instructions are clear and easy to follow.

Check out this unboxing video of one happy Topsky user setting up and assembling their chair:


Crafted from solid steel, this gaming chair is certainly built to last.

Even the wheels (which are often a weak point in many gaming chairs) are quite solid and well-made.

This means that under normal use conditions, the Topsky Gaming Chair should last for several years of use, if not longer thanks to its superb durability.


While this is a more subjective rating based on the user, it can be said that people of most sizes should find this chair quite comfortable.

That is due mostly to the thickness of the seat and back cushions which are thick, but not too thick to be cumbersome.

The fact that you can adjust the level of the armrests and height of the chair also helps considerably.

Cons of the Topsky Gaming Chair

There are relatively few downsides to owning the Topsky Gaming Chair, but there are a couple of issues that you should be aware of before purchase.

Too Wide

Although having a wide seat base is good for some, there may be others who find it a little too wide to comfortably use the armrests.

Since you cannot pull the armrests in, this may be an issue for some.

Weight Capacity

At 250-300 pounds, this is ample enough for most people, but it will also rule out those who weigh more than that without getting a stronger version of the chair.

Poor Lumbar Support

The support itself is not really tapered, but instead simply a large cushion that may not work well for some people.

The corners of the cushion can stick into the back and the gap between the lumbar and headrest may make the chair uncomfortable for some, especially when reclining.

Verdict: Is This a Good Gaming Chair?

Despite a couple of issues, the Topsky Gaming Chair is a remarkable item that is well-priced.

It offers sound design, easy assembly, and considerable comfort for most people.

If you are looking for a solid, comfortable gaming chair, then this one is for you.

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